Be curious - Be creative - Be Second Life

Be curious - Be creative - Be Second Life

Samstag, 29. September 2012

So many releases and so little time to blog them... we go :)

Autumn leaves

The Runway Perfect Hunt

This one is the Gift for the Runway Perfect hunt, which begins october 1st




Mon Désir

Raspberry Moments

Winter Vanilla

Pumpkins ?

Luziefee Groupgift October




On September 28th I had my  2. rezzday and I put out a little giftie :)

Another Hunt : The prettiest in formal hunt, begins on october 1st

I released my first furniture and Accessoiries, a tote:)

It comes with an holding animation

With laying and reading animation. The book is your choice ;)

Taxi to Luziefee:

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