Be curious - Be creative - Be Second Life

Be curious - Be creative - Be Second Life

Freitag, 23. Januar 2015

2015 - first new releases

I hope, you all did arrive well in 2015 :) I was busy and made new outfits and shoes.

So let´s begin

Just released today - Mabel

This dress has also a fitmesh version - 1 size. 

Pics were taken here:

It´s a really nice Steampunk Sim. But beware of the zombies! Lol, some followed me arround and I had a few problems to take the pics. But, when you arrive you get some nice freebies. An uci for the left hand and one for the right :)) Hahaha, It was the first time I shot zombies in Second Life. But most of the time I pushed them away, so that they couldn´t follow me anymore.
Try out several windlight settings and the turn on the advanced lightning model in your preferences - the sim with all its buildings is really nice textured:)

Emilia - spanish inspired, semiformal dress - the earcuffs are included :)

No LM for the pics, it´s the roof of my skybox. 
That day I crashed again and again, so I decided to take 
the pics on my improvised little stage.

Adela - we stay with Steampunk and Dieselpunk

Pics were taken here:

What shall I say about New Babbage.... it´s gorgeous :)  

Zinnia - separates

The jacket: 

The skirt:

Daphne - back to the 50s

The spring version:

The classic version:

Pics were taken here:

Mint Tulip is a really nice shopping sim. You find here Exposeur (poses) many clothing designers, Alice Project (Hair), Baiastice (fashion), Maxi Gossamer (jewelry)... sorry I don´t know all. Fly over and explore :)

Lys - the spring is waiting for you, no wait we are waiting for spring....

Pics were taken here:

again a shopping sim and all other sims around it. You will find nice spots to take photos everywhere.

Here´s a map, so you can see, where I made the pics. I just began at American Bazaar :)

click on the pic to enlarge

And shoes.....

Berlin Heels...

"The Colors" heels - get your pantones - spring is coming

Please, keep in mind, these heels fit only for Slink High feet, they will not fit for the default avatar feet!