Be curious - Be creative - Be Second Life

Be curious - Be creative - Be Second Life

Montag, 30. April 2012

Queen´s Day in the Netherlands and a free orange gown

Since I´m in Second Life, I learn more about national holidays from our neighbours and from all over the world.
So today, the dutch people are celebrating their Queen´s Day.
All are wearing orange clothes and celebrate.

For this I´ve made an orange gown and you can grab it for free in my mainstore


Samstag, 28. April 2012

Let me introduce Luziefee

This is my brandnew Blog. I am Luzie Cheng, owner of Luziefee. A fashion label in Second life®.
I joined SL in 2010 and was fascinated by the designs in Second Life®. Buildings, Clothes and yes whole cities and landscapes. 

How do they create all theses things? I looked for special building and designing lessons and I knew, I don´t want to be only a cosumer, I want to create myself.
I found templates in the internet to create clothes. I knew nothing about it. How I was happy, when I found how alpha layers and transparency work :)

I really had luck, that I met Victoria Endsleigh, designer of Victoria Endleigh Couture, because she gave me the chance to have my first little shop on her sim.
I´ve learned so much from her. Thank you Vic and BIG kisses :))

You will find my shop and many other designers on the sim Bizarre Behavior.

And here are my latest releases. You can also look for Luziefee on FlickR and on the marketplace.

As english is not my native language, please forgive my language-mistakes :)

The Chloe Dress line is my latest release. 

My hunt gift for the "This is totally me" Hunt
Start: 1. of may

My gift for the Fashioncentric Hunt. Runs till 30 of april, so hurry if you want to grab it :)
Hint: Ask Geraldine

Special for St. Patrick´s Day

Let´s visit the Orient

You will find more outfits in my shop and on the marketplace