Be curious - Be creative - Be Second Life

Be curious - Be creative - Be Second Life

Montag, 27. Oktober 2014


I was so busy making new outfits and shoes, that I didn´t find the time to update my blog. 
So here is a lot of newness :)

6 new outfits and shoes, a hunt, a new groupgift and new offers for this week.

Paulette, 20s inspired Slink Pumps for mid Slink feet

Ilka, silken semiformal dress

All pics were made on the fabulous 
Paris Sim.

Sidona - ankle boots and you don´t need any feet, enhancements, whatever - only your avatar feet, grins


oh sexy70s, we were so young, listening to Hendrix and Co., smoking a ... ok enough memories.... Well, not really my time, I was a child and, to be honest, a bit afraid of all these Hippies, lol.

 Isn´t he cute....sighs. I really tried to flirt with him, I was very nice, but guess - he didn´t even answer a single word!! - Men!!!   
Pics were taken at "The missing mile".                                                                                                

Maralynn - with boots, leggings and beret

I was in London!

Fallon - 

well, it´s Hallowee´n. But it doesn´t have to be Hallowee´n to were this dress :) The lace stole is included.

Living in a haunted house at Arcadia Asylum

New groupgift:

Fallon - special for the group

Luziefee´s Pumpkin - Hunt!

I´ve hidden 10 little, bigger and huge pumpkins in my store. Just inside! No need to climb on trees!

They are 0, 5 and 10 Linden. The hunt goes till october 31st. 1st november they are gone.

Offers for this week:

   My secret 60 Linden
                                 Steals & Deals
55 Linden Thursday

Taxi to Luziefee