Be curious - Be creative - Be Second Life

Be curious - Be creative - Be Second Life

Mittwoch, 10. Juli 2019

Crazy Summer...

two weeks ago we had almost 40°C and hey.... we are not the Sahara - it's just Berlin!
Now we have 18°C and hey Petrus .... we aren't the Northpole either!

Well, what can we do? New Stuff!

Christa - vintage look with and whithout flexie skirt

Beach Pearl - never underdressed for a fancy beach party

Marin - atm at the Wash Sizzling Summer Event

Tati - atm at the Wash Sizzling Summer Even (25 L only at the Event)

Luziefee Mainstore

The Wash

Dienstag, 18. Juni 2019

or "it is cold outside" ... depends on where you are at the moment ;)

But whether it is summer or winter, here is some new stuff!


Onepiece in 5 classic mesh sizes. 

These pics were made at Calas Galadhon/Santorini

It's so pretty, so well made. Just take the ship and visit this wonderful place :)


vintage and sexy

Group Gift June for Luziefee Group

Peace by Peace hunt
on now!


Shirt fatpack for Omega enabled mesh bodies


Shirt fatpack for Lucybody by Lucyshoes. This body uses Universal applier and will not fit for other bodies!


your mini dress for the beach


Capris fatpack for omega enabled mesh bodies


Capris fatpack for Lucybody by Lucyshoes. This body uses Universal applier and will not fit for other bodies!


Wedges - Slink only!

Group Gift Luziefee      




Gift for SLF&O Ju
Gift for Fab Free July

Subscriber Gift June


Group Gift Luziefee Group


Skirt and Jacket come separately

Luziefee is part of 55 L Thursday, Steals and Deals and My 60 L secret. So keep an eye on special sales and promos!

Taxi to Luziefee Maintore

Here is something different:

Second Life - a declaration of love

This video speaks out of my heart. Whenever I tell, that I'm in Second Life, people look at me often like
"Ah..yes and what is that?" and when you try to explain, they often, very often don't understand or they say "Oh yes, that's nice, I also like playing on FB from time to time" or "I prefer Real Life. That virtual thing is not real, it can't be good. It is not good for you. It is no good for your soul, your body, your eyes, and whatever.." Or they tell, they have seen a report on TV how stupid SL is (from 2007!) and tell me what SL is really like. And I always ask these people "So you have an avatar in SL and made your own experiences?" And the answer is ALWAYS "Me?? In Second Life? Never. It's just virtual". Really? What is TV? I mean, if you're watching a crime, does the murder happen in front of your feet? When you read a book about the French Revolution, is there a Guillotine in your living room?" Which virtual reality fits for you today and which may I join in your opinion?
Well, there were times I tried to discuss with them, tried to convince them to try it out themselves.
Meanwhile I just turn around and go. I don't need to justify myself, my creativity or my Second Life!