Be curious - Be creative - Be Second Life

Be curious - Be creative - Be Second Life

Samstag, 29. September 2012

So many releases and so little time to blog them... we go :)

Autumn leaves

The Runway Perfect Hunt

This one is the Gift for the Runway Perfect hunt, which begins october 1st




Mon Désir

Raspberry Moments

Winter Vanilla

Pumpkins ?

Luziefee Groupgift October




On September 28th I had my  2. rezzday and I put out a little giftie :)

Another Hunt : The prettiest in formal hunt, begins on october 1st

I released my first furniture and Accessoiries, a tote:)

It comes with an holding animation

With laying and reading animation. The book is your choice ;)

Taxi to Luziefee:

Samstag, 15. September 2012

Offers for this week and new releases

55 Linden offers and Midweek Madness offers are still available and yesterday started Steals and Deals.

Adele for 55 Linden 

Autumn sunset for 55 Linden  - it´s a new release!

Somewhere is spring for 55 Linden - also a new releases !

Offers for Midweek Madness:

Boots included

Boots included

Steals and Deals for this week:

a sparkling princess gown in copper

New release: Jenny -  a casual autumn outfits with a mesh pullover in 5 sizes, pant layers with rigged mesh cuffs.

Back from the International Fashion Summit :

Lost in space

There is now a new discount area on the second floor with Lucky Board, Midnight Mania Board and a Lucky Cupcake. Have a look :)

Samstag, 8. September 2012

Alreaday Autumn?

Autumn seperates by Luziefee

A day in september :

Nelly, formal and sexy

special offer for 55 Linden!

A cocktail with Lyra

special offer for 55 Linden

Laura, a dress with a mesh skirt

Group Gift for the Luziefee-group in september

Group Gift from Luziefee for the Natural Island shopping district group ( my god, what a name, lol)

Luziefee participates in two hunts in october:

The Prettiest in Formal Hunt and Runway Perfect Edition 3 Hunt. Gifts are ready - pics later :)

Still going on is the "Fairest of them all" Hunt, til 15th of september.

Luziefee has also a little room at Victoria Endsleigh Couture Mainstore. 
All items there are 10 Linden! Old hunt gifts, boots, skins etc. Just have a look

55 Linden items, Steals & Deals items and Midweek Mania items for this week are still available!