Be curious - Be creative - Be Second Life

Be curious - Be creative - Be Second Life

Samstag, 27. Oktober 2012

New winter release for little girls and young ladies

The days gonna be colder and you need a new coat to hold you warm?

Here is  Juma, a padded coat in different patterns and also available for kids

You need a new jeans, socks and a long sleeve T-shirt?
You will get them for 10 Linden to complete your winter Outfit.

Also wearable for kids

Ready for a snowball fight?

Juma Sneakers

More offers in the store. Midweek Mania, 55 Linden Thursday and Steals & Deals.
Drop by and have a look.

Luziefee Design at The Retreat:
2 outfits, each for 50 Linden.

Luziefee Design at the Designer Room
2 outfits , each for 70 Linden.

Dienstag, 23. Oktober 2012

Midweek Madness and something warm for cold days

           an outfit for a walk in the winter forest, a snowball fight  or skating

Midweek Madness this week

Two Luziefee Desgins are at The Retreat at the moment

Winter Vanilla

Autumn Leaves

Taxi to The Retreat

Outlet Store of Luziefee and Victoria Endsleigh Couture

We have a little outlet store, but only this week. Luziefee outfits are under 100 Linden.
There will be more the next days.
Have a look!

Samstag, 20. Oktober 2012

New mesh release..


Underneath the lantern,
By the barrack gate
Darling I remember
The way you used to wait
T'was there that you whispered tenderly,
That you loved me,
You'd always be,
My Lilli of the Lamplight,
My own Lilli Marlene

Time would come for roll call,
Time for us to part,
Darling I'd caress you
And press you to my heart,
And there 'neath that far-off lantern light,
I'd hold you tight ,
We'd kiss good night,
My Lilli of the Lamplight,
My own Lilli Marlene

Orders came for sailing,
Somewhere over there
All confined to barracks
was more than I could bear
I knew you were waiting in the street
I heard your feet,
But could not meet,
My Lilly of the Lamplight,
my own Lilly Marlene

Resting in our billets,
Just behind the lines
Even tho' we're parted,
Your lips are close to mine
You wait where that lantern softly gleams,
Your sweet face seems
To haunt my dreams
My Lilly of the Lamplight,
My own Lilly Marlene

Tommie Connor, 1944

 Vor der Kaserne
Vor dem großen Tor
Stand eine Laterne
Und steht sie noch davor
So woll'n wir uns da wieder seh'n
Bei der Laterne wollen wir steh'n
|: Wie einst Lili Marleen. :|

 Unsere beide Schatten
Sah'n wie einer aus
Daß wir so lieb uns hatten
Das sah man gleich daraus
Und alle Leute soll'n es seh'n
Wenn wir bei der Laterne steh'n
|: Wie einst Lili Marleen. :|

Schon rief der Posten,
Sie blasen Zapfenstreich
Das kann drei Tage kosten
Kam'rad, ich komm sogleich
Da sagten wir auf Wiedersehen
Wie gerne wollt ich mit dir geh'n
|: Mit dir Lili Marleen. :|

 Deine Schritte kennt sie,
Deinen zieren Gang
Alle Abend brennt sie,
Doch mich vergaß sie lang
Und sollte mir ein Leids gescheh'n
Wer wird bei der Laterne stehen
|: Mit dir Lili Marleen? :|

 Aus dem stillen Raume,
Aus der Erde Grund
Hebt mich wie im Traume
Dein verliebter Mund
Wenn sich die späten Nebel drehn
Werd' ich bei der Laterne steh'n
|: Wie einst Lili Marleen. :|

Dienstag, 16. Oktober 2012

New releases and offers of the week

Midweek Madness 
has started today and this is my offer for this event this week:

New releases this week and last week:

October beach, the flats are included

Alice, mesh jacket

in red with Lady ;)

and without

Fatpack 19 Linden

Amber, boots are included

Lissa, for flexie lovers

Donnerstag, 4. Oktober 2012

New releases and offers for this week

Midweek Madness has already started and 55 Linden starts today! Here are my offers for this week and a sneak peek for Steals&Deals:

55 Linden Thursday:

Midweek Madness:

Sneak peek for S&D

Mainstore - Sales Area

New releases:


October Beach