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Be curious - Be creative - Be Second Life

Dienstag, 24. Juni 2014

Donnerstag, 5. Juni 2014

"Applier-Week" @ Luziefee

I always have a little problem with all the appliers provided in SL. I like Slink feet and hands, I have them. too. But I need sometimes 30 minutes to match them, so that I say "that´s ok for me". 
I do not like meshbreasts or meshbutts, fat or phat, Lolas or Lulus. I simply don´t like them and I will not sell appliers for them, sorry. I don´t judge anybody who wears them! But now I tried the Wowmeh mesh avatar and was surprised how well and simple that works. I still wish, it would be possible to make an applier for the alpha, too, because, sometimes you cannot match the alpha sliders in the hud according to your dress or I didn´t yet figured out, how to match it, lol. Tell me, if there is a solution :)

So, this week I have sandals for Slink mid feet and a cute summer layer outfit with Wowmeh appliers and I´m working on a skin for which i also want to provide appliers. But as I´m not used make skins like all the great skin designer, it will take a little time :)


sandals for Slink mid feet ( not wearable with the normal SL Avatar feet!)


a layer outfit with Wowmeh-appliers, but also wearable for the normal Second Life Avatar.

Minette comes as fatpack in 5 hues of a color!

Sun, Beach and Sea

Beach and Sand

Sun and Fun HUNT !!!

Yay, a new hunt @ Luziefee :)

Find a smiling sun. And where do look at, if we want to see the sun? Yes, up up up, lol (That was a hint!)

Taxi to Luziefee