Be curious - Be creative - Be Second Life

Be curious - Be creative - Be Second Life

Sonntag, 11. September 2016

Huge Update

News from Luziefee - finally.


classy and sexy

Did you ever dreamt of Second Life?

Well, I did :)

I was sitting in front of my screen and my avatar came very close the screen from the other side and said:
"Hello, don't you want to come in and take a look around. You could see your own shop and walk through it. But be careful, don't let your Alts know, you are here. They get jealous" Well, I thought , why not..
So I jumped into my screen and walked with my avi through SL. It was so quite, not a single sound.
"Why it is so quite here?, I asked, isn't there some music, radio?"
"Well, she said, normally it's you who turns the radio on. If you don't you hear nothing here. Perhaps you can turn it on?"
But how?
"Oh, Luzie said, you can wear now all your own clothes!"
"To be honest, I'm way to fat for them.." "No, no, you can adjust your shape!"
"I don't know how to do it inworld, I normally click with my mouse. How do we teleport?"
"uhm, the same thing, you let us teleport. We cannot do nothing without you. Without you we are just a cluster of data on a server."
I don't know how I mananged it to tp, but I wanted to visit "Truth" hairshop and try all hair, lol, I'm so crazy about hair, and I finally got there. 
And there they were:
The avis with an "I must go to the loo" - AO, the avis with the biiiig boobs and huuuuges backs.
And than..... "Time to wake up. Already 9 am" NOOOOOO - all the beautiful hairs vanished, but there were sounds, there was life, there were my cats who jumped on my bed... Perhaps, someday I'll be back in SL in my dreams and I will try all the hair and I know how to adjust my shape so I can wear my dresses, lol. I will let you know..


Crochet can be so sexy...


Heels Heels Heels

and many other color options


Boho Flats

You never can have enough shirts...


Biannual Cart Sale at "The Wash" beginning on 16th of september





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