Be curious - Be creative - Be Second Life

Be curious - Be creative - Be Second Life

Montag, 25. Februar 2013

Latest releases

Two new releases for the last week. Only two, because I rebuilt my store the last few days :)


you can buy the checker boots (10 Linden) and the sandals also at Luziefee.
The Sandals come with colorhud.


The sandals will be available this week. 
The have a color hud (you can even color of the heel,lol) and they are resizable

I did a makeover of Luziefee store the last 2 days, that´s why there are new LMs.
I didn´t move, but the old LM will let you tp under the store :)

Taxi to Luziefee:

And here is the taxi to the sales area new releases and group gifts:

The "Mon Amour Hunt" ends this week. Get your gift. Due to the rebuild you will find it at the landing point. It is huuuuge, you can´t miss it :))

Victoria Endsleigh and Luziefee are now directly connected, you can visit her store throught the Casual Section.

Have all a nice week

Sonntag, 17. Februar 2013

This week: Sexxyy, shoes and BoHo

Justine: Wait, till I show you my back....

Angelina boots: it´s not spring yet, but I show my toes :)

So that´s Boho?

La Fanciulla

A warm spring day, La Fanciulla is walking over the market of her little town, somewhere in the Toscana.
Meeting friends, eating a snack, drinking a glas of wine of the region, talking, talking and flirting.
The sun, soft and warm, the sky blue. Birds are singing, dogs are barking and a cat is lying in the sun, sleeping, enjoying the soft heat of the sunbeams.

Dienstag, 12. Februar 2013

Separates, new stuff and Valentine´s offers


Valentine goodies for 10 Linden



Mardi Gras

Combine the underpants with socks layer to get a colorful look :)


for those who do it again :)

Do you love pencil skirts?

I do.


Svea, part I

a cutout coat

Svea II

the scarf

Gacha !

My new Gach machine

25L per play

Luziefee participate also in the gacha event at Colosseum

many designers put their gacha out

Have a look and get great styles for a low price

A new fatpack!

February Blues

One skirt, 4 pullovers, 1 shirt, 3 alpha layers (upper, lower, 2in1)

New skin


each skin includes cleavage option and freckles option, lashes
and the shape (modify)


Don´t forget:

Thursday starts a new round for 55 Linden weekend
Friday starts Steals & Deals 
My secret 60 Linden (where also Marketplace Vendors are allowed, so perhaps you will find some new designers there, which you didn´t know before:)  )