Be curious - Be creative - Be Second Life

Be curious - Be creative - Be Second Life

Samstag, 23. März 2013

New group gift !

A group gift for the Luziefee group and the Natural Shopping group.

Did you know? On Natural Island you find 4 designers. Victoria Endsleigh Couture, The Bohemian Underground, Luziefee and Siss Boom joined us a few weeks ago. Have a look in all stores. Each of us has her special style.

And here comes the Easter group gift :)

It´s called "Mariolka" :)) My shop assistant asked me, if I could make my Marlies outfit with a polka dots texture. And so Mariolka was born. 



Freitag, 22. März 2013

Let it be spring, pleeeaaase.....

While we are still throwing snowballs, the spring has returned to Second Life. 

Time for some spring stuff :)



Don´t forget, it´s weekend again and you will find great offers at Luziefee


Donnerstag, 14. März 2013

Boots: made for walking - Dress: made for the red carpet and Casual: made for men


vintage, boho, retro?
Spring colors
La vie bohémienne

Donna - sexy and glamorous

Adrian - the little black dress for men :)) 4 shirts are included

Don´t forget: It´s weekend - great offers to grab!

And a "green Sale" till monday for all "green-lovers", bargain- hunters and irish and those who want to be :)

Between 10 and 60 Linden

Clothes, shoes, jewelry

Follow the rainbow path!

Samstag, 9. März 2013