Be curious - Be creative - Be Second Life

Be curious - Be creative - Be Second Life

Samstag, 6. Juli 2013

Tinka - new girl on the gird, some offers and a new gacha event

Tinka: New release

Gacha Addiction: New event starting tomorrow on 7th of july

A bed in the wheatfield

Luzie´s gachas:

Also at this place: Introducing an new group

Designers united - DU

Get special offers, new releases for a reduced price, limited offers !
Around the wheatfield at the Gacha Addiction event you will find many special offers from great designers all over the grid! Join the DU-group to get them!

Luziefee offers: 

Please remember, the event starts on sunday :) There is still no access for non-designers.
 Don´t let you kick off, lol. 

And last, but not least here is the LM to Luziefee and it´s weekend, so get nice outfits for a small price :)