Be curious - Be creative - Be Second Life

Be curious - Be creative - Be Second Life

Mittwoch, 3. Dezember 2014

Latest releases and POE 7

Get some groovy elegance - Shawna

pics were taken here:

(when I wanted to tp there again, it was unavailable. Perhaps it is already gone, or it was a sim restart. It´s a vampire sim, but you can wear an observer tag and explore ^ ^)


pics were taken here:
(soooo much to see, sooo many great photogentic spots, many events, live music!)

Some group gifts are still available!

for all, who are dropping by :))

For the Luziefees!


Luziefee is participating in the Peace on Earth Hunt 7. POE was the first hunt I did, when i was a newbie and, oh my god, I was so excited, that so many designers give away all that nice stuff for free!
The management of POE has changed, but they did all so well  and all worked. Thank you for that.

Here is my gift:

Luziefee also takes part in the Winter Fantasy Hunt by Melnaka. Always a pleasure to join Melnaka Hunts!
The Hunt begins on Dec. 15th, so a bit time to go. The gift is ready and unpatient to change its owner, but gift and pic must still wait some days ;)

Tomorrow is a new start of weekend sales! If you didn´t check those from last week - hurry...