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Be curious - Be creative - Be Second Life

Dienstag, 30. Dezember 2014

The last releases for this year

Dear readers,

2014 has almost gone. I hope it was a good year. For 2015 I wish you all the best! Health, Love, Luck and Success in SL and RL. I wish you always a good soul beside you. 

So, here are the latest releases. 

I want to start with a hunt. The "Winter Fantasy Hunt". It runs till 15th of january. 

The pics are taken here:


pics were taken here:






Group Gift December

pics were taken here:

And finally - Sheila and this will be the last release for 2014 :)

pics were taken here:

Thanks to my friends, who have supported me, thanks to my lovely customers - you made Luziefee all over the years :)

My last "duty" I did this year was updating the Lucky Boards and MM Board :)

They are on the side wall of the store!

Give it a try.

See you in 2015 !